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Surely the coolest dog in the world !
Holden Commodore SV6 at Danny's Lookout, Great Alpine Road, Victoria
Holden Commodore SV6

High up in the mountains on the Great Alpine Road in Victoria, Australia.

April 2016
Blackbird at Coniston 2010
Honda Blackbird

The most beautiful day to pick up my new Blackbird ended up in the Lakes at Coniston.

September 2010
Blackbird at Coniston 2010
Bike all packed up with luggage for my trip to collect the new bike from Wales.
Blackbird & Adrian at Coniston 2010

Bike, Lakes, Sunsine....
can't be beaten...!

R6 on the Ramsay Hairpin, Isle Of Man
Yamaha R6

My favourite trip so far on this bike was to the Isle of Man in March 2004. Riding round the TT circuit was unbelievably exciting.
R6 on the Ramsay Hairpin, Isle Of Man, TT Circuit
These pictures are taken on the Ramsay Hairpin, the tightest corner on the course.

Photography: Dave Hipkiss
riding the R6 at Lock Eck 2005
On the R6 at Lock Eck
a beautiful, sunny day
in 2005
MGF near Glasgow 2003
The day after I bought my lovely MGF on the roads near Glasgow, 2003
MGF Adrian & Cookie
Me & Cookie heading out for a spin together at home in Ropsley, 2003
MGF Adrian & Mum
Mum looking like a film star..!
John Lennon:

Martin Luther King:
‘I refuse to accept the cynical notion that Nation after Nation must spiral down the militaristic stairway into the hell of thermonuclear destruction’

Kirsty McColl:
‘I don’t want to change the world…’

Norma Jean
‘…though I never knew you at all’

(Taupin 1973)

Marilyn Monroe
photo © Douglas Kirkland
Nov 1961

Eric Morecambe:

'everything in life is about timing'

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