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Born 13th July 1967 in Grantham Hospital, Lincolnshire (2 o'clock in the morning to be precise).

Grew up in a small village called Ropsley just outside Grantham (there's a great pub called The Fox). Mum and Dad still live there, and until the very end of 2004, with our wonderful dog Cookie, in the bungalow they had built fifty years ago.

Mum and Dad achieved the amazing milestone of their Golden Wedding Anniversary in September 2012 and celebrated up in the fabulous Lake District where they got engaged. Congrats to them..!

Brother Andrew, married to Jacqui, with my goddaughter Alexa, and nephew Ross, are down in St. Albans.

I went to three different schools in Grantham between 1972 and 1985 and then went to college in Nottingham from mid '85 to '87 where there were also several nice pubs (apparently).

Moved to Glasgow in '87 to join the BBC and lived in the West End of Glasgow before moving to Clydebank in '91 and then Old Kilpatrick in '95.

OK, so there's a lot of stuff that happened along the way.. exactly how long do you have..?

In March 2006, I decided it was time to move on... new places, new people, new challenges...

I therefore left the BBC to pursue a freelance career.
As Bono said after their NYE concert at The Point, Dublin, 31st December 1989...
'Now we have to go away and dream it up all over again'

Moved to Thornliebank, a suburb of Glasgow in August '06.....

From 2005 to 2010 was an amazing time of my life, so much happened and was achieved. Many plans, hopes and dreams were born and realised.

ATLD Ltd. was formed in 2010, a lighting design and photographic company.

2011 brought a new set of challenges, life in Glasgow has finally given way to a new focus and a new life back in England and into my beloved Lake District.

2012 was a time of massive transition, great challenges and new dreams.

In 2014 a new company was born, Adrian's The Light Direction Ltd.

'Of all of the promises,
is this one we can keep
Of all of your dreams,
is this one still out of reach....?'

'The Hands That Built America'

'...that's where the revolution must always begin - is in your heart and in your state of mind.'

Marc Cohn:
'Saw the ghost of Elvis walking down Union Avenue
Followed him up to the gates of Graceland, and I watched him walk right through'

Louis Armstrong:
'We have all the time in the world'

'... Go lightly
down your darkened way,
Go lightly underground,
I'll be down there in another day,
I won't rest until you're found...'

words by Salman Rushdie
'The Ground Beneath Her Feet'

Stuart Adamson:
'that's a desperate way to look for someone who is still a child'

Mock the Devil
and He will Flee from Thee


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