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Smoke House Yard Office lit up at Night with illuminated logo

Our Location in The Lake District

The premises for the Light Direction Ltd. is in Yard 2 in the lovely little town of Kendal situated on the south eastern edge of The Lake District.

Kendal was orginally a gateway town between England and Scotland and the many yards that make up the town were used for travellers and their horses and carts to be housed whilst on their journey north or south.  Some of the profiled stones that were laid down as tracks for the carts are still visible today.

Yard 2 originally housed a large smoke house at the far end of the narrow passageway that is just wide enough for the carts to pass through. The smoke house is still there and has recently been refurbished and brought back to life and is still smoking away, under the loving watchful eyes of the current tenants, Pappy’s Texas BBQ, a local company with a Texas heritage.

Some Lake District Magic

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