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The Art of Colour Grading

Adrian has been working as a Colourist for nearly 10 years.

Colour grading is an art and a science and as such it relies on an understanding of what the story is all about, how the images are supposed to relate to each other and form a cohesive part of the final product and how they should be conveyed to the viewer.

The ability to take the same base footage and create several completely different looks opens up numerous possibilities in the production process which has a huge impact on the way footage is shot on location.

Colour Grading relies on a technical understanding but even more importantly, an understanding of lighting and how imagery is created and captured. It also requires an appreciation of how the perception of the viewer can be controlled and manipulated by even subtle changes in the look of the footage presented to them.

Adrian uses a number of specialist software plug-in’s that enable the process of look development to be carried out more efficiently and offer the ability to create authentic looking film emulations.

He has completed a number of certified training courses with some of the worlds most eminent Colourists:

Colour Managed Workflow including ACES •

Look Design and Development including negative and positive film emulation •

Grading Commercials incorporating beauty treatment, image clean up and object removal •

Adrian is currently a member of the north west based post production collective known as Hound Dog Post and of the International Colourist Academy.

  • Earlier this year Adrian was asked to make a demo and promo video for Colour Intelligence Inc. who are based out in Los Angeles and are the creators of a suite of plug-in’s known respectively as Look Designer, Grain Lab and Colour Lab Ai which are designed for Colourists to use in conjunction with Blaclmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve colour grading system.


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