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Adrian has spent many years working in the realms of broadcast, independent production, theatre and live events and as a result he has gained a wealth of experience in these fields, both technically and creatively. In that time he has designed, directed and operated a wide variety of styles of theatrical and television lighting which has lead to him being an experienced DoP and Lighting Cameraman and for the last 10 years has enabled him to develop his skills as a Colourist. He also regularly works as a Vision Supervisor / Engineer on live broadcast events.

Adrian had the unusual opportunity, provided by the BBC, of learning both the technical and the creative side of the production process in tandem, primarily in the studios in Glasgow. His passion is for picture production whether it be moving pictures, still images or for a live audience.

2006 – present:

Adrian currently runs The Light Direction Ltd. from a base in Kendal, which is situated in the beautiful Lake District National Park, where he has a custom built and broadcast specification DaVinci Resolve colour grading suite. He works as a Colourist for broadcast, film and commercial video production and is an experienced Lighting and Video Designer along with his experience of working as a DoP and Lighting Cameraman. He works around the world for a variety of clients as a Vision Supervisor and Engineer for the entertainment and broadcast business. His background in lighting and camerawork lend themselves perfectly to the colour grading world which relies on an undestanding of the use of light and colour on set whilst shooting as well as a technical understanding of the TV system.

He has completed certified training on the following colour grading courses:

Colour Managed Workflow including ACES •
Look Design and Development including negative and postive film emulation •
Grading Commercials incorporating beauty treatment, image clean up and object removal •

Adrian is currently a member of the north west based post production collective known as Hound Dog Post and of the International Colourist Academy.

1993 – 2006:

Adrian worked for the BBC in Glasgow as a Lighting Vision Supervisor / Lighting Designer. Much of his time was spent in latter years designing and programming with moving light rigs for a whole variety of different programmes, both studio and OB, using a WholeHog II console and also working as a Lighting Director designing and operating on a variety of drama style location productions, both single and multi-camera.

The CAD based WYSIWYG 3D real-time visualisation system was used for much of the design and programming process in latter years. This was an excellent aid in many respects not only from a lighting and set design perspective but also to enable production teams to get a much better idea of what the final results might look like. It allowed a lot of programming to be done prior to the set and lighting rig actually arriving in the studio which was invaluable.

Adrian was the first to use VariLite VL5’s in a television studio in Scotland in the summer of 1993 which was particularly challenging at the time as there was no dedicated moving light desk to control them.

In 2003 he introduced the Catalyst Media Server to the BBC in Glasgow which is a means of dynamically manipulating multi layered video images directly from the lighting desk and making those images an integral part of the lighting design. He has used Catalyst on various productions for which he produced, designed and edited a lot of custom material. Bands such as El Presidente, Kubb and Athlete have benefited from this service.

All sorts of projects have been tackled over the years from sitcoms, music programmes, drama, religious programmes, kids stuff, comedy, quiz and game shows – you name it, he’s done it.

1987 – 1993:

Adrian joined the BBC in October 1987 as a trainee Vision Engineer. He very soon qualified in BBC ETSI Television Training the following year in 1988. He worked as a Vision Engineer / Vision Operator and on many occasions as an acting LVS in the TV studios and on OBs and covered a wide range of programmes. His passion for theatre work continued during this time, and he designed and operated on many shows at the Mitchell Theatre in Glasgow.

1985 – 1987:

Attended Trent Polytechnic in Nottingham, now known as Trent University, to complete a HND in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. Adrian’s final year project was a combination of software and hardware to expand a lighting control system that he had designed and built during his involvement with a variety of stage productions over the previous few years. The project was to add a dipless crossfade panel and an interface to a BBC Micro to the existing manual two-preset system.

1982 – 1985:

Adrian had a fascination with lighting from a very early age and he started his career by organising and running the lighting and sound for some local theatre productions. He very quickly graduated to designing and operating on musicals, plays, fashion shows and a variety of other productions. A strong interest in electronics and writing computer software provided a lot of scope for building much of the lighting and sound equipment that was used on these shows. He also started shooting 35mm stills pictures covering a variety of subjects using a Cosinon manual SLR camera and spent much time developing and printing that material in the dark room, something that would later provide a good grounding for his colour grading work. His love of photographic work continued throughout his career at the BBC taking much from the experience he gained in the world of television and theatre.

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